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(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis full Download. This video game is based upon the construction and the management modeling. It is the new version in the series of the Jurassic Park. Its Developer is Blue Tongue Entertainment and Publisher is Universal Interactive Konami. It was released on the platforms: Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation 2. It is distributed all over the world by the Vivendi Universal Games and JP Sega.

Minimum System Requirements

  1. Processor: Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon 400MHz Processor
  2. RAM: 0.128GB
  3. Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  4. DX: DirectX 8.1
  5. GPU: 16MB 640×480 at 16-bit color DirectX compatible
  6. Resolution: 640×480 at 16-bit color
  7. Hard disk free space: 700MB
  8. Video Card: 3D Accelerated
  9. Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  10. Input Devices: Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis PC Download

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Full Download

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Features of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

In this game, the player has to control the theme that is focusing on the dinosaurs, and controlling the activities of it to make the village or city safe from it. After controlling the dinosaurs, the player gets the 5 stars rating.

It includes the similar models of SimCity and Tycoon game. Player has to create the field full of plants and grass for the herbivores. The animals such as cow, goat and so on take them as a meal. If they don’t get the food then these animals became unhappy. The trees also surround the animals and the village to protect them against the dinosaurs.

Similarly, carnivores used to hunt the dinosaurs to satisfy their hunger, but they became unhappy when you store the meat.  You can also create the dinosaurs for them by taking the 50% of the DNA of the dinosaurs. If the amount of DNA is large then there are a lot of chances for the survival of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs may die because of attack by the other dinosaurs or due to natural death. If the player wants to get the DNA of the dinosaurs then he has to extract it by amber or fossils.

The player can get the fossils and amber by the fossil hunt group. It is one of the dig team that moves around the world. There are total 9 teams available, you can buy them at the later part of the game. Every team is responsible for digging the fossils from the dinosaurs. The team can find the Brachiosaurus fossils from any dig site. The chances of the fossils became greater if you have chosen the right site. The quality of the fossils varies from excellent to shatter. The player can also find the other useful items such as silver, gold, opal and so on with the help of the dig team in order to get the profit.

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