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Real Batman Arkham City PC Download (Torrent + Compressed)

Batman Arkham City PC Download (Torrent+ Compressed). Batman Arkham City is an open-world action game. It is a sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum. In Batman Arkham Asylum you wore the cowl and used the gadgets. But in Arkham City, you are the damn batman. In the years since the events of Arkham Asylum, Gotham City has made the clearly brilliant decision to fence off a chunk of its real estate.

And dump all the criminals and murderously insane people into it calling the place Arkham City. When Bruce Wayne protests and is captured and tossed into the escape from the New York-style zone by classic villain dr. Hugo Strange.

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Real Batman Arkham City PC Download Free 2022

Dr. Hugo Strange is overseeing it all a quick bat suit delivery gets Bruce ready to clean up the town. This will not a quick or easy task Arkham City is a sprawling gothic industrial concrete jungle and you can traverse it freely using batman’s grapple. And gliding abilities just about every batman character you can think of is in this game from the big names like the joker.

The guy does the guys only comic book nerds will know like calendar man and Azreal. All of them come to brilliant life thanks to one of the best voice casts ever assembled. Several of the major villains don’t appear unless you follow their sidequest paths which are often so fully fresh out that they are hard to tell from the main storyline.

While Arkham Asylum had a Metroid flavor to his design. Arkham City has a bit more Zelda mixed in the city itself functions as an overworld of sorts with tons of side quests and secrets to find. The buildings you visit are basically dungeons and they contain level designing and gameplay similar to the Asylum you get all you loved about the first game with tons more content layered on top. It’s just all so well put together. The gadgets are fun and useful, the combat flows even better than before. Grappling and gliding to the beautifully twisted architecture of the city make you feel just like The Dark Knight himself.

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How to Download Batman Arkham City for PC

Batman Arkham City System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Dual-core CPU 2.4 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • GRAPHICS: NVIDIA 8800 series or ATI 3800 with 512MB video memory.
  • SOUND: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or 7 compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)
  • DVD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive.

Download Links for Batman Arkham

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Batman Arkham City PC Download

Batman Arkham City PC Download is the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum and features a huge map, new gadgets, and combat mechanics. It is set in the Gotham City of Arkhamverse.

Batman Arkham City was released for consoles and PC on October 18th, 2011.

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Why Is It Worth It?

Arkham City is a big, open-world game that lets the player explore almost every inch of it. You can find Riddler trophies throughout the city and solve puzzles to unlock more challenges, beat up thugs in free-flow combat, fight in Predator encounters, or take on the story missions. The game is quite long and it has a good variety of different things to do. A lot of people like it for its amazing graphics, complex story with many twists, interesting combat mechanics, numerous side quests, and especially for having an excellent map editor (which can be used to make custom story missions and challenges).

Batman: Arkham City Review

Arkham city review gives you a clear idea of what has been done by Rocksteady studios with its sequel. It’s an amazing game that runs on Unreal engine and is one of the most played games.

The game has a long and interesting story, and if you like comics and want to keep yourself busy with an epic experience, then this game will leave you satisfied.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Batman Arkham City is primarily a single-player game. However, you can play it in multiplayer on Steam with some friends who also have the game.

Some useful controls are given below:

-Action/Attack Button = X (Square)  -Counter Attack Button = Triangle -Crouch Button = L1 -Evade/Dodge+Attack Button = R1 -Gadgets Button = Circle -Grapple Button = Square + Direction

Arkham City has a huge map with many different things to do. The map is divided into an island and mainland. You can travel back and forth between the two areas on some raised walkways. If you fall off, you will automatically use your grapnel gun to zipping back up.

You can find Riddler trophies throughout the city and solve puzzles to unlock more challenges, beat up thugs in free-flow combat, fight in Predator encounters, or take on the story missions. You can also do many side quests given by different people in the game, like Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

Arkham City has quite a few boss battles. Most of them are pretty simple, but some can be difficult if you don’t know their attack patterns. Check out the Bosses section to get some good tips for fighting bosses.

What’s in the DLCs?

Many people who have played Arkham City will probably think that Catwoman is an important part of the game, like Batman. Well, Catwoman is not actually in the main story. The developers said she was originally supposed to be, but they felt there were already enough characters and decided to make her DLC instead.

  • Catwoman’s Revenge  

– This takes place after Harley Quinn’s Revenge and has you going around Gotham City to take out a bunch of thugs. Many of the same locations from Harley Quinn’s Revenge are reused in this DLC. There are some new areas, but they’re quite small and not important to the main story. The combat is pretty much the same too, except there’s no puzzles or riddles.

  • Catwoman Pack 

This DLC lets you play with Catwoman. She has her own combat moves and gadgets too. Her main weapon is a whip that she can use to either attack or manipulate objects like Harley Quinn’s bat.

  • Harley Quinn’s Revenge 

You get to play as both Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) in this DLC campaign. It takes place during the main story of Arkham City.

  • Scarecrow Nightmare Missions   

This DLC contains seven challenge maps that you can play in either Batman or Robin. You get to use some new gadgets like freeze grenades, sonic batarangs, and fear explosives (only available while playing as Batman). The gameplay is very similar to the regular game.

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