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Cricket 2016 is a video game in the series of EA, its developers and publishers are EA sports. It is releasing a series of EA sports cricket games every year. It is designed according to Microsoft Windows and PlayStations. It is based on the real environment and contains some features from the previous series of games. From the following source, you can download the .rar file for free.

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Download EA Sports Cricket 2016

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EA Sports Cricket 2016 PC Download

If you are in love with Cricket 2016 game, you can download EA Sports Cricket 2016 for PC.

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Series of EA sports cricket

  1. Cricket 96

This series of games was developed by the Melbourne House and released, in 1995. EA sports are the publishers of EA sports. It is based upon International Cricket, on the SNES. This was first introduced in Europe by the name of Ian Botham’s International Cricket 96. It contains the best graphics but is limited to the number of teams.

  1. Cricket 97

It is a cricket game that was released two years later, in 1997. Melbourne House was the developer of this game. It follows the same features of the cricket 96 with enhanced functionalities. It contains 3D animations and dimension graphics. Ritchie Benaud and Ian Botham are the commentators in this series of games.

  1. Cricket 2004

This series of games was released in 2004, by EA sports. And it is designed by HB Studios for the platforms PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. It includes the international teams that took the part in the 2003 Cricket World Cup (Australia and England). The player can play   5, 10, 15, 20, 50, and 100 overs in the series. At the end of the game “Worst PlayStation 2 graphics” by IGN.

  1. Cricket 2005

It is a video game that is also developed and released by HB Studios and EA sports, respectively, for the Xbox, Windows and PlayStation 2. It is based on the 3 regions Adam Gilchrist, Daniel Vettori, and Andrew Flintoff. All the names of the players are real in this game.

  1. Cricket 2007

It is published by Electronic Arts under the EA sports for the PlayStation 2 and Windows. It was released in the United Kingdom and Australia, on 14, 24 November 2006. It includes the real players and the realistic features of England, The Ashes urn, Lancashire, and Andrew Flintoff. This also contains the flags of English and Australia.

It had limited the number of the overs to 10, 20, and 50 in the matches. The series contains the 4 days matches or full-day matches, test matches, and so on. It usually gives hold to the player for several options. A player can change the weather, pitch, ground, players get up, venues, and so on.

  1. Cricket 2016

It is the latest series in the history of EA sports. It includes all features of all previous versions of the game. It includes the teams Australia, Canada, England, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Namibia, Netherlands, Bermuda, New Zealand, and Ireland. Its system requirements are the same as cricket 2007. It is just available on a few sources but you can easily get it from our site.

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