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Your Boyfriend Game Download Free for Android & IOS

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Download & Play Your Boyfriend for Android APK & iOS Gameplay 2022

Your Boyfriend Game Download Now is available on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Your Boyfriend Mobile Game APK Android & iOS!

About the Game

Your Boyfriend is a romantic love simulation game, in the game you will be in a new environment and with new people in order to find your “boyfriend”. You will go through the story in this game.

– When you play Your Boyfriend Mobile Game Android APK & iOS, you usually start at the beginning of the game when he just moved into town. Then you meet him on his way, but they don’t really get along well. It’s up to you how their relationship goes!

– The more intimate level they are progressing, the more pieces of your past story (family background) will be unveiled. Are you ready for it?

– There are 6 different guys who can help uncover all the lost memories in the game. After all, you will understand yourself better and finally find out what kind of person you really want to love.

– And when you’re ready for it, try the exciting “love action” mode! It’s a mini interactive game within Your Boyfriend Game Android APK, in which both of you need to cooperate to accomplish certain tasks… Will there possibly be more than just friendship?

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game – Download & Play Your Boyfriend for Android APK & iOS Walkthrough:

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how to download your boyfriend game on android

How to Download & Play Your Boyfriend on iOS and Android APK

  • Download the game files from (
  • Install it on your required phones (Android-iOS)
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Your Boyfriend Mobile Game for Mobile.

   Download For iOS

   Download for Android


This game is a visual novel, which means it has an interactive story with dialogue and decision-making. You must work your way through different conversations in order to find out what happens at the end of this tale…

For those who don’t know – or care- there are no good endings here; every option leaves some sorta negative feeling inside you as well! The characters breathe heavily due to their irritation towards our protagonist so tight spaces become discomforting even before anything else starts happening on screen.”

Important update

Warmbloods, who was first introduced in “Your Boyfriend Mobile Game” has become a household name. Warmblood is an insane android that you must control while avoiding his pursuers in order to stay alive at all costs! He will not hesitate or show any compassion towards those around him so be prepared for anything when playing as these heartless machines explore various levels filled with obstacles ranging from peaceful landscapes right down into violent sewers where even more enemies lie awaiting their unsuspecting prey

I initially found myself wanting out after being captured but then remembered why I came here today-it’s not just about to survive.

To Update:

  • Paved the way for a broken story.
  • The wrongly triggered path with the Easter egg has been determined.
  • The demo prototype is live for macOS and Linux. The macOS version requires a solution and the Linux version requires further testing.
  • Base Day 1 includes editing and expansion.
  • New screen size options and in-game options.
  • At the end of the demo, restart the game.
  • The first and second day for Halloween has appeared.
  • Day 2 includes new graphics, characters, backgrounds, and branch paths from Day 1 options.
  • The ending is more accessible with higher repetitions.
  • Removed unnecessary code.
  • Linux version released.

Features of Your Boyfriend Game:

You’re in luck! We’ve got the perfect dating sim for you that explores what it would be like to date someone who is significantly older than yourself. In Your Boyfriend Mobile Game, players take on two different roles: an office lady and her youthful lover (Riku). The game takes place entirely through a virtual reality where they can explore gorgeous scenarios together while building up chemistry by interacting with each other throughout gameplay frames within these romantic love narratives – all based on your preferences of course 😉

 your boyfriend mobile game

Visual novel:

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game is an interactive novel that will take you on a journey of mystery and intrigue. Your decisions, in addition to providing many endings for the story arc with each ending being negative rather than positive like most novels do; this game offers various circumstances requiring problem-solving where folks can work through conversations or set out what should be done next via dialogue boxes!

Unique choices:

The game is fascinating because you have to make decisions quickly and without much leeway. However, the plot pushes your character into doing what they don’t want him or her too in this story which makes things more interesting!

Social complaint game:

When you play the game, one of its most significant features is that it tries to raise awareness for male harassment. You will find many men have an attitude where they’re not actually harassing anyone and continuously try explaining this by continuing actions which increase their insanity level in order percentage up with other players who are taking action against sexual predators!

unsettling experience:

Your Boyfriend Mobile Game offers an upsetting experience for sensitive individuals and children. The protagonist is completely insane, so you can’t expect anything positive from him!


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