Die koning van vegters 14 PC Aflaai (Saamgepers + Stroomstroom)

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Die KONING VAN VEGTER 14 PC aflaai – is 'n ander bevredigende toetrede tot die lang veg KING OF FIGHTER-reeks vegspel. The latest installment of the series ditches the intricate sprites found in previous games in favor of 3d characters and backgrounds though battles still take place on the 2d plane this change is bound to turn off those you might favor the older version style however KOF 14. Core fighting mechanics live up to the series’ legacy offering the new system that expands upon those form its predecessor while sticking close to its three on three format KOF 14 in an engrossing fighter that exceeds the initial impressions of it’s bland presentation offering an experience well worth your time whether you’re a hardcore fan of the series or not.

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Gameplay of The King of Fighters 14 PC Game 2017

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KING OF FIGHTER 14 pits you against teams of three fighters in a series of one on one battles. When one character is defeated the match resets as the next character in line is bought in to continue the fight returning players will notice the difference in movements speed from the past games right away the game seemingly slow down the energetic action of KING OF FIGHTER 13. But this doesn’t diminish the exciting nature of fights battles remain tense and exhilarating especially once you get a feel for the pace of combat and combo timing with the cast of 50 characters. The game offers the plenty of different play styles that are each distinct from another move sets while its uplifting to see such a large cast composed of both favorites and newcomers it’s unfortunate that the new 3d model character models while serviceable do little to bring their personalities to their life. They are far cry from dynamic 2d sprites from the series is pas showcasing only a faint glimmer what made seeing these characters so memorable and endearing despite the less than stellar visuals KING OF FIGHTER 14 teams new fighting system is its most striking quality its streamlines mechanics we’ve seen in the while introducing expansive techniques and options for combos the result is a fighting system that’s easier to understand and more fulfilling to engage.

Minimum stelselvereistes:

  • SVE: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.40GHz.
  • JY: Windows 7 64-bietjie.
  • VIDEO KAART: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480, Intel® HD Graphics 4400.

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