gta san andreas highly compressed 50mb free download for pc

GTA San Andreas 50MB Free Download for Pc | *Highly Compressed*

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time. However, if you’re like me and didn’t get a chance to play it before it was taken off shelves then this blog post is for you! I’ve found a place where we can download GTA San Andreas highly compressed so that it will only take up 50MB on your computer instead of taking up 10GB. It’s not too late to enjoy this game today! So go ahead and check out the site now while supplies last!

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What is GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is an open-world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and released on 26 October 2004 for PlayStation 2. Set within the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, based in Southern California, the single-player story follows Carl “CJ” Johnson returning home to Los Santos from Liberty City after his mother’s murder.

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gta san andreas highly compressed 50mb free download for pc

Download GTA San Andreas 50MB Free for PC

The game features, new weapons, vehicles, radio stations (eight), and celebrities, as well as new means of transportation such as bicycles or jet skis. Players are also able to customize their vehicle with various modifications that allow for things like increased performance or durability; these modifications may be purchased at various automotive shops throughout the game. Reward points are used to unlock certain items.

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GTA San Andreas System Requirements

GTA San Andreas will run on the following systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista 32-Bit
  • Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1500+
  • 128 MB RAM (512 MB for Windows Vista)
  • 8x DVD-ROM Drive *PC DVD version only*
  • 1GB free hard drive space2. How do I download GTA San Andreas?

To download GTA San Andreas, just go to the site below and sign up for their services. It’s completely free and very easy! Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is wait a few minutes for it to download as well as give you a key so that you can play it without needing the actual disc.

Installation Instructions 

  • Open or extract the archive in a temporary folder (i.e. C:\Temp)
  • Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen. Uncheck (tick) Easy Install and click Next
  • On the next page, make sure you go to personalize settings and set your screen resolution to 256 colors minimum & 32 bit/pixel
  • Also, take note of where exactly the game will be installed as its default location is C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas and choose whether you want shortcuts created on your desktop/start menu, etc.. then click install
  • If everything went smoothly, GTA SA should now be successfully installed but not yet playable! You will need to enter the key (serial) which you can find inside the “Serial.txt” file located in the same folder as setup.exe
  • Good Luck and Enjoy!
  • If it fails, try alternative links found on google search engines or simply repeat steps 1-5 again and choose different settings (i..e Direct3D Support instead of OpenGL). You can also try running Setup.exe as an administrator: Right-click > Run As Administrator
  • Please be aware that if setup hangs at 33% setup is probably trying to download extra components from the internet; simply cancel out of this process = by clicking “stop” and then run setup again (from step 4 onwards). By Default GTA San Andreas installs to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas, I recommend that you choose an alternative installation path.
  • To play GTA San Andreas under Windows Vista/7 64-Bit run the game using “Run As Administrator” (Right Click > Run as administrator). This method is highly recommended due to crashes or other problems associated with running “compatibility mode”.

Note: Don’t forget to disable your virus scanner before playing the game!

gta san andreas highly compressed 50mb free download for pc

How to play the game with a Controller

Please note that when using a controller, the game will play in Xbox mode by default.

To change this go to settings > controls and set “control style” to custom then select keyboard/mouse under “device” drop-down list. You’ll then need to re-bind all keyboard commands to their corresponding Xbox buttons (see below), simply click on the key desired, and press the button you want it bound to. Note: On some computers, you will need to use ALT+TAB after pressing each binding in order for them to take effect. GTA San Andreas Controls (PC)

  • Button Action

W Accelerate S Brake/Reverse A Left Turn D Right Turn Space Handbrake F Look Behind Mouse Steer Z Enter/Exit Vehicle Mouse Scroll Up Previous Radio Station Mouse Scroll Down Next Radio Station T Change View (Third Person/First Person) Q Center Camera (Third Person/First Person)

  • Gang Control

You can recruit gang members when in a hood or ghetto and press [F] to toggle your weapon. Then press [Ctrl][2-6] to select your recruiter’s pistol, Uzi, shotgun, etc…

Then press the right mouse button to bring up the list of gang members you can recruit. Simply walk up to them and target them with the left mouse button then click the middle mouse button (default scroll wheel) once they are highlighted green.

Note: Once at least one recruited gang member is available, press [F] again and they will follow you around shooting at rival gang members. Note: You can also recruit passive (non-violent) pedestrians if desired…!!

The in-game high-speed internet network with in-game email and more! Hot Coffee Mod: Yes Known Issue: On some systems, there is no CD audio, this can be solved by installing patch 1.01 or using your own CD/DVD drive/burner. GTA SA Controls for PC:

Controls for Keyboard and Mouse 

W Accelerate S Brake/ Reverse A Turn Left D Turn Right X Look Behind C Cycle Camera View Space Handbrake F Activate Vehicle Missions L Flip Direction Y Previous Radio Station N Next Radio Station M Enter/Exit Vehicle Mouse Scroll Up Previous Radio Station Mouse Scroll Down Next Radio Station F Look Behind Q Center Camera (Third Person/First Person) Z Enter/Exit Vehicle T Change View (Third Person / First Person) V Toggle In-game Map I Invert Mouse Sensitivity K Enable Keyboard Controls J Exit to Windows L+R Numpad 0 Speed up Gameplay (~10x normal speed) L+R Numpad 1 Return to Normal GamePlay Note: You can use an Xbox controller together with a USB keyboard if desired.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Equip a Silenced Pistol before starting any street race. As soon as the light turns green, pull out your weapon and start shooting. If you are lucky, you will hit some of the other racers who all tend to line up in one pack on the starting line. This will eliminate 3 or more competitors at once with one pistol shot. Repeat this until they are all eliminated. Note: Make sure you do not kill yourself in the process!

  1. You can find some gang members walking along city streets even when not playing missions. You can press F to recruit them if desired (you must have a gun equipped). They will then follow you around and assist whenever you enter a fight.
  2. You can shoot down police helicopters, but you will get a 3 star wanted level for it.
  3. Avoid using fast cars to explore the desert if you do not have a 4×4 because your car might get stuck in the sand or mud. You cannot call a tow truck or anything like that if needed – only a helicopter will be able to pick your vehicle up from where it is stuck at.
  4. If you are near water and need to catch some air off of a hill, make sure no boats are coming towards you before going off of it, or else your vehicle will explode when hitting one of them! This goes for planes too. They sometimes crash into land instead of landing on the runway at the airport.
  5. When bar hopping, the alcohol effect will eventually wear off over time. If you want to see your character drunk for as long as possible before passing out, make it rain around him/her by entering and leaving a building several times. This resets the “drunk” meter and he will stay wasted longer each time you do this.
  6. You can lure a vehicle into a garage then immediately exit that garage again before the garage door closes all of the ways – causing that vehicle to disappear forever! You have about 1 second or so to get this done if you are fast enough. This works best with no drivers inside but you can try it with any passenger too… might be fun to grab one from an alleyway using the pimp trick! NOTE: If you keep this vehicle stored in your garage, make sure to save your game, or else it will be removed from the garage after 2-3 game days.
  7. -You can press L+R NUMPAD 0 (that’s the number zero on the keypad) to increase game speed about ten times faster. This is helpful if you are having trouble making jumps or just want to get through a mission quickly. You can also press L+R NUMPAD 1 to return everything back to normal again.


Get the best, most realistic GTA experience with this 50MB compressed version of San Andreas. You will have to download a separate program called “Rockstar Social Club” in order to play it on your computer. The game is so big that you can’t just simply install it onto your hard drive without running into problems. But if you are looking for an amazing gaming experience and don’t mind downloading extra files in order to get the best graphics possible, then I highly recommend this version over any other!

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